Compass for Pokemon (Beta) 1.1.0 APK for Android


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Compass for Pokemon (Beta) 1.1.0 APK

by Isaac W. Davis
Category : Games, Adventure
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Apk Name : Compass for Pokemon (Beta)
Version : v 1.1.0
Developer : Isaac W. Davis
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Size : 3.7 MB

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This is a utility to help you track

-Sign in with a Trainer Account (it is recommend you create a new one specifically for this app)
-Wait for first search to complete
-Select from the drop down at the bottom of the screen
-Follow the direction of the arrow
-When distance is under 20m switch to the other app to make the capture

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Q- Why isn’t compass needle is not moving?

A- You probably need to calibrate the compass on your device. See:

Q- What if I don’t trust this app to connect to my Trainer Account?

A- Create a new Trainer Account for this app, one that you don’t care about. You can use the throw away account on the Compass app while you use your main account on the Pokemon app.

Q- I don’t have a Trainer Account or I use my Google Account how can I use this app?

A- Create a new Trainer Account for this app. You can still use your Google Account in the other app while using a Trainer Account in this app.

Q- Why am getting “Authentication failed – Servers may be down” when I try to login?

A- Verify or try the following:
1) Make sure you are using a Trainer Account and not a Google Account
2) Make sure your are typing in the correct user name and password
3) “Verify your email” for your new Trainer Account. You should have got an email to do this after you created the account.
4) Login to the Pokemon app with the new Trainer Account you created, catch a starter Pokemon, login to the Compass App with the new Trainer Account, logout of the Pokemon app, and login to the Pokemon app with your main account.

Download Compass for Pokemon (Beta) v1.1.0 APK For Android Free Download


-Added option to exclude Pokemon in settings
-Added logout in settings
-Improved scanning


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