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Fake GPS Pro 2.0.4 APK

by KristoBotha
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Apk Name : Fake GPS Pro
Version : v 2.0.4
Developer : KristoBotha
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
Size : 2.7 MB

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You will need a rooted device
Install Xposed on your device
Install Fake GPS Pro
Open Fake GPS Pro and allow gps permission
Try to set any location and you will see a dialog box directing you to developer options
Android M+:set mock location app to Fake GPS Pro
Older Android:select allow mock locations
Go to Xposed and install a module called Mock Mock Location
Install another module called RootCloak and add PoGo to the cloak list
Enable modules and restart your device
Move Fake GPS Pro to system app using lucky patcher or root explorer
Open Fake GPS Pro and go to settings. Enable root locations
You will now be able to set mock locations in PoGo
Android M+:Go to Settings->developer options and set mock location app to Fake GPS Pro
Older Android:Go to Settings->developer options select allow mock locations
Please leave feedback if it is working or if it isn’t so that I can fix any issues
Please don’t leave a 1* review. Let me know what is going wrong and I’ll upload a new version within 48 hrs
Important! Other GPS Apps can mess up mock mode settings and cause this app to malfunction. If your GPS location is not being set please restart your phone and try again before leaving a bad review

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New Version
Favourites added (rename and delete)
Root support coming soon for mock location disabled!
Coming Features
Root support is coming soon!

Trick your GPS into believing you are anywhere around the world!
This application sets mock locations to make your phone believe you are somewhere which you are not. Mock locations are set for GPS and network provider. All the features are here. Run the app and give it a shot

To add a location to favourites go into history and click and hold on a location. To rename or delete an item from favourites simply click and hold on the location in the favourites dialog
Search by Latitude and Longitude
Set a mock location simply by entering the LatLng position
Search by Name
Search for location by address, city, country etc.
All of the previous locations are saved
Please rate the app and leave your thoughts and suggestions
Enable Mock Locations
To enable mock locations you first need to enable developer options. To do this click on ‘About phone’ in settings and then click on ‘Build number’ 7 times. Developer options are now enabled. Next go back to settings and click on developer options. Scroll down to ‘Allow mock locations’ and tick the box. Done!

Tags: Mock Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free geotag latitude longitude

Feel free to donate: 1JuwdC7tYn9KUDeFB5gtrpWs2hLNaGSG4g

Thank you and enjoy!

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Settings added
Added support for Android Marshmallow+


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