PokeWhere – Live Radar for GO 2.1.0 APK for Android


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PokeWhere Live Radar for GO 2.1.0 APK

by Vylar
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Apk Name : PokeWhere – Live Radar for GO
Version : v 2.1.0
Developer : Vylar
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
Size : 10 MB

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PokeWhere shows you the location of Pokemon around you in real-time on a map. It’s that simple! PokeWhere is a live radar to assist your hunting.
If you need any support you can contact us on twitter @PokeWhereGO or Facebook – we’re very responsive and try to get to everyone.

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1. Press the ‘my location’ button on the top right to locate your current position.
2. When you stop moving around the map a progress bar will appear at the top. Once it fills up it will refresh to get Pokemon in that area.
3. If you don’t see any Pokemon or live in a more rural area you may need to scan by tapping on the blue scan button at the bottom.
4. If you click on a Pokemon it’ll show you the time at which it despawns.

— FAQ —
1. I don’t see any Pokemon! 😕
This is either due to you being in a more rural area and needing to click the scan button and zoom in. If you’ve clicked scan and you get an error then it may be due to server issues, check our twitter for updates.
2. I want you to add [insert feature here]
Message us or tweet at us on twitter and we’ll try to implement it

PokeWhere is a fan/support app. It is not endorsed by anyone and does not have the rights or ownership to any trademark material. If there is any infringement please contact us on and we will act IMMEDIATELY.

Download PokeWhere – Live Radar for GO v2.1.0 APK Free For Android


** PokeWhere Version 2.1 **
– Preliminary fix to restore functionality
– Patch for scan button
– UI Revamp
– Timers
– Filters
– Improved performance
– added pro in-app purchase to help support us and reduce scan cooldown time with option to enable ads if you can’t pay but would still like to help us out. The ads can be disabled at any time if you choose to enable them!
and more to come soon… 🙂