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WhatsApp PLUS 6.60 Apk

by Rafalense
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Apk Name : WhatsApp PLUS
Version : v 6.60
Developer : Rafalense
Requires Android : 2.1.x and up
Size : 13.49 MB

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WhatsApp PLUS has become one of the best and most used unnofficial modes for WhatsApp, allowing users to customize many aspects of the popular instant messaging service with features that the official client doesn’t include by default.

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WhatsApp Plus has been forced to shut down by WhatsApp in January 2015 due to a cease and desist order, who managed to cease and completely dissolve the project. The app is no longer available for download and we don’t provide any support.

WhatsApp PLUS was a simple app that lets users customize even more aspects of WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.

Thanks to WhatsApp PLUS, users can select from loads of different color palettes and backgrounds to decorate their WhatsAppconversations.

To access all this new content you just have to open your options in WhatsApp and select ‘PLUS’. Once inside this improved version, you’ll be able to change your settings as desired and even customize conversations with each of your contacts.

WhatsApp PLUS was a very interesting alternative to the traditional WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp PLUS v6.60 Apk For Android Free Download

WhatsApp PLUS v6.60

WhatsApp PLUS Holo v3.17


To install WhatsApp PLUS you MUST NOT have any previous version of WhatsApp already installed.

WhatsApp PLUS may cause problems with custom ROMs, and is thus advisable not to have any installed on your device.

If you receive the message ‘The date of the device is incorrect. Adjust your clock and try again’, you will need to update your version of WhatsApp.


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