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Xposed Pokemon 1.6 APK

by vivekkalady
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Apk Name : Xposed Pokemon
Version : v 1.6
Developer : vivekkalady
Requires Android : Android 4.1 and up
Size : 2.61 MB

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This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version 1.4:

Xposed Pokemon
Xposed Pokemon module allows you to catch all the pokemons without going anywhere. The module allows you to fake location and allows you to go anywhere you want. The module provides navigation keys to navigate to any place.


Xposed Framework
Xposed Pokemon Module

How To

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■ Enable Xposed Pokemon Module in Xposed Framework
■ Restart Device
■ Open the Xposed Pokemon application
■ set the start location in the map by touching the map. A marker will be shown in the map
■ Click “Start” in the list.
■ A small window with arrows will appear.
■ Open the Pokemon game and wait for it to load
■ The user will start at the selected location which we selected in the map
■ Using the arrow keys, you can move to that direction

Try it out and catch ’em all !!!


■ Why cant I see the popup window when clicking start button?
Go to app security-premissions-premissions-xposed Pokemon and tap display pop up window

■ Why is the character moving in wrong direction?
the joystick works in north,east,south west directions irrespective of the character in the game. so you have to first align the character to face north by using the compass shown in the game.


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Added compass based joystick feature (experimental). This feature works on phones with sensors only. Enable the compass view in pokemon go.
(click the compass icon in the game and make sure you are on the option where the character turns when the device is turned)
Then tick the compass checkbox in the application.
Then move the joystick to front and the character will move to the direction it is facing.
You can turn it off also.

Tried to fix the closing issue. Need testing.

Removed Pokemon Map feature as there are other websites available for that.


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